Frequently Asked Questions

What is Callr?

Callr is a new technology that makes calling to conference calls absolutely painless. In fact, you don't have to call in anymore - it calls you. It makes it so you never have to remember a conference number/passcode again. It securely syncs with Google or Outlook calendars and either calls (or texts) you when you have a conference call and automatically patches you in. It also works for regular calls. No more searching your calendar/email for phone numbers.

How is Callr different?

Callr solves the real pain of calling to scheduled calls by using an intelligent algorithm that understands your event. Callr is not a replacement to your conference calling service, rather, it's the smart secretary that connects you to all of your calls without you doing anything.

How much does Callr cost?

Callr is FREE for the first 10 calls it connects you. We also have a Basic version for $9 that gives you 25 calls and for $25 you'll get a Pro tier which has 75 calls plus international call support.

What do I need to use it?

All you need is a phone number and access to your calendar. That's all. Once you integrate your calendar, our algorithm automatically figures out the correct phone number and PIN number, if there are any, and expect a call from Callr on time to all of your calls.

Where is Callr available?

Currently Callr is available in the US for US phone numbers. International number is coming soon.

How do I get started?

Sign up for a free account and Callr number at